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How do I replace the remote transmitter battery?

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TitleHow do I replace the remote transmitter battery?
Your remote transmitter – used for locking/unlocking the doors, accessing the trunk, and activating remote start (if equipped) – has an indicator light that illuminates when a button is pressed. If this indicator light does not illuminate when one of the buttons is pressed, it could mean that the battery in your remote transmitter has exhausted its charge.  

To replace the battery, remove the cover and remove the battery inside. Insert the new battery, and replace the battery cover snugly.  

For instructions on how to remove the battery cover or for battery types/sizes compatible with your remote transmitter, please see your owner’s manual. If you don’t have a copy of your owner’s manual in your vehicle, you can view it electronically on by selecting your vehicle year and model.  

You can obtain a replacement remote transmitter battery from your Honda dealership.  

Once the new battery is installed, check that the indicator light illuminates when you press a button on the remote transmitter. If it does, and your vehicle’s features are responding properly (for example, doors lock/unlock when appropriate button is pressed), then you have successfully replaced the battery and fixed the issue with your remote transmitter.  

If you have followed all the steps and your remote transmitter indicator light is not illuminating or your vehicle features are not responding when a button is pressed, we recommend that you have your vehicle and transmitter inspected by your Honda dealer.


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