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How do I improve my fuel economy?

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TitleHow do I improve my fuel economy?
Though the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) provides a fuel economy rating for each specific vehicle, your actual miles per gallon (MPG) are influenced by many factors, including weather, road conditions, driving habits, and load weight, so that your fuel economy will vary from the EPA rating. Please keep this in mind when considering your fuel economy.

There are some measures you can take to help maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency:

• Always adhere to maintenance recommendations as provided by your Maintenance Minder or Maintenance Schedule
• Check tire pressure daily, and adjust to the specifications noted in the driver’s doorjamb
• Note that weight affects the vehicle’s fuel efficiency; avoid carrying unnecessary cargo and remove cargo (bike/ski/kayak) attachments when they are not being used

Some vehicles are equipped with ECON mode, which can help with fuel efficiency by regulating the output of the power train and climate control systems. This mode can be turned on using the ECON button. See your vehicle’s owner’s manual to determine where this button is located in your vehicle, if equipped.

If you feel there is an issue with your vehicle that is affecting your fuel economy, visit your local Honda dealership for an inspection.


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