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What is the scheduled maintenance for my vehicle?

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TitleWhat is the scheduled maintenance for my vehicle?
Performing consistent maintenance on your vehicle is imperative for keeping it running at its best and preventing issues that could otherwise be avoided with regular maintenance.

Newer Acura models are equipped with a Maintenance Minder, a messaging system that calculates maintenance needs and provides a recommendation when it detects that it is time for the vehicle to be serviced. Acura does not provide maintenance schedules for models equipped with a Maintenance Minder, as the Maintenance Minder can be relied on to notify you when maintenance is needed. In addition to displaying oil life, the system stores codes for your Acura dealer, so they know what type of maintenance your vehicle needs. Keep an eye out for a 15% oil life notification on your multi-information display. This is an indicator that you should take your vehicle to your Acura dealer for service. You can locate a dealer here.

For earlier models not equipped with a Maintenance Minder, Acura provides maintenance schedules, which detail specific maintenance recommendations based on mileage. Earlier model maintenance schedules can be viewed here. To view the information for a specific vehicle, either sign in to view a saved vehicle or select the year and model of your vehicle. You can also find this information in your owner’s manual.


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