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What is brake rotor refinishing?

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TitleWhat is brake rotor refinishing?

Under braking action, force is applied to brake rotors (discs) by brake pads causing kinetic energy to be converted into thermal energy, which is then dissipated by the brake rotors.

Some circumstances may develop which could require the rotors to be refinished using an on-vehicle lathe: rotor thickness variation may produce a judder felt as steering wheel vibration or wiggle when braking; heavy scoring, or grooves, on the rotors caused by metal-to-metal contact from worn out pads; tapered or dished rotors as a result of uneven rotor wear. If new brake pads are installed on unevenly worn rotors or rotors with grooves, brakes will feel spongy until the brake pads wear to match the shape of the rotor.

Maintaining your brake rotors:

As brake rotors wear, brake pulsation may increase, steering wheel vibration or wiggle may develop, and reduced brake performance may be experienced through a spongy brake feel or abnormal and faster brake pad wear. Refinishing or timely replacing worn rotors will help ensure optimal braking performance, reliability, and vehicle control.

For your rotor refinishing needs, we recommend visiting a Honda dealership. Honda dealers are equipped with a knowledgeable staff who receive leading-edge customer service and technical training. Dealer personnel are trained on the latest processes and tools specific to your model and year vehicle. In addition, Honda Genuine Parts purchased from a Honda dealership are covered under a limited warranty for 1 year from the date of purchase, regardless of installation location. Honda dealerships strive to provide value in their services to match your expectations of your Honda vehicle purchase.



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