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What is an Acura Genuine Battery?

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TitleWhat is an Acura Genuine Battery?

Your 12-volt battery provides electrical power to your vehicle’s starter and fuel system when you start your vehicle. It also supplies electricity when the engine is off to power onboard electronics, such as the door locks, interior lighting, clock, and security system. While the engine is running, the battery also helps to cushion sensitive onboard electronics from spikes in current or voltage.

Acura Genuine Batteries are manufactured according to the same high quality standards used in Acura vehicles. Replacement Acura Genuine Batteries are designed specifically to meet or exceed the original performance specifications of the battery that came from the factory, so they will be just as powerful as, or even more powerful than, the batteries they replace.

Maintaining your battery:

Short drives, corrosion buildup, and seasonal changes in temperature can all shorten your battery’s life. If you ignore a weak battery, you run the risk that the battery will fail at an inconvenient time, potentially stranding you without warning.

Replacing your battery before it has fully exhausted its charge may save you from towing costs and the hassle of emergency repairs.

Check the battery condition monthly, as a well-performing battery protects your engine’s operation and helps to get you started and on your way.

Servicing your battery at an Acura dealership entails the following benefits:

An Acura Genuine Battery purchased from an Acura dealer is covered for 100 months. For the first 36 months, your Acura dealer will replace a defective battery with no cost for the battery, labor, or installation. For the remaining 64 months, you will receive a credit toward the purchase of a new battery, calculated according to its age and the then-current retail price.

In addition, Acura dealers strive to offer value in their services to meet the expectations that come with purchasing an Acura vehicle. This is accomplished by a dealer staff that continually receives leading edge customer service and technical training, and who are knowledgeable about processes and tools specific to your model and year.



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