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What is Honda Genuine Hypoid Gear Oil (HGO-1)?

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TitleWhat is Honda Genuine Hypoid Gear Oil (HGO-1)?

All wheel drive (AWD) vehicles with separate transfer case assemblies depend on Honda Genuine Hypoid Gear Oil (HGO-1) to lubricate internal components, prolonging their operational life. The transfer assembly is attached to the transmission and transfers power to the rear differential for AWD operation.

Honda Genuine HGO-1 is formulated specifically for Honda transfer case assemblies. It is a high performance fluid made from premium ingredients and features a lower viscosity for improved fuel efficiency, and a high viscosity index for use in wide ambient temperature range. Genuine HGO-1 contains extreme pressure additives to help prevent damage to gears from shock loading.

Honda Genuine HGO-1 maintenance:

Maintaining the Genuine HGO-1 is essential to the proper operation of your AWD vehicle. It will help to prolong the service life of transfer assembly components and may prevent costly repairs. Operating a vehicle with poor quality fluid can lead to premature component wear. If your vehicle is due for maintenance, we recommend servicing your vehicle at an authorized Honda dealership. Dealers strive to provide value in their services to complement your Honda purchase. They accomplish this with a service and technical staff who receive leading-edge training regarding processes and tools specific to your Honda vehicle.



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