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What is Key by Amazon and how does it work?

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TitleWhat is Key by Amazon and how does it work?


Eligibility and Setup

Key by Amazon is an In-Car Delivery service offered to eligible Amazon Prime™ members who are also AcuraLink® Remote Package subscribers.

AcuraLink® is an application and subscription service that allows you to connect your vehicle to your smartphone. For more information about AcuraLink® click here.

Through the Key by Amazon app, Acura owners can receive deliveries directly inside their vehicles. Think of it as turning your vehicle into a mobile locker, one where you can conveniently receive packages in your vehicle’s rear cargo within a 4-hour window. For more information, click here .


How do I get the Key by Amazon app?

Key by Amazon is available on the Apple® App Store for iPhone® users, and the Google Play™ store for Android™ users. Search for “Key by Amazon” to download the app to compatible devices.


What do I need to sign up?

Acura owners will need an active AcuraLink® account. Users will need to enroll into a trial or subscribe to the AcuraLink® Remote Package plan. If you need assistance with signing up for AcuraLink®, click here .


What subscriptions are needed in order to be eligible for Key by Amazon?

Eligible users must have an active (trial or subscription) AcuraLink® Remote Package, click here . In addition, users must have an Amazon Prime™ account; for more information, click here .


How does Key by Amazon access my vehicle?

Acura owners must have the AcuraLink® app and an active AcuraLink® Remote Package subscription. Once the Key by Amazon app is installed, the user will link their AcuraLink® account to Key by Amazon app. This will allow Amazon access to the vehicle to deliver inside your vehicle.


What if I change my AcuraLink ® password?

If your password is changed, it must be updated in both the AcuraLink® and Key by Amazon apps.


How do I know if I’m eligible for Key by Amazon?

For complete program, details can be found at Amazon .


Current eligible Acura vehicles are as follows:


I would like more information about Key by Amazon.

For additional questions regarding Key by Amazon, we recommend accessing this helpful Amazon FAQ .


Where do I go for more help or if I have an issue?

Contact AcuraLink® for:

  • Information on subscription requirements and model eligibility
  • AcuraLink® account or app questions
  • Enrollment assistance in AcuraLink® programs


How do I contact AcuraLink®?

Subscription Services – call 1-877-375-2638 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


What if I need further assistance using AcuraLink®?

  • In-Car Technology Support – call 1-888-528-7876 Mon-Fri 6:00AM-5:00PM PT
  • Chat with Acura Mon-Fri 6:00AM-5:00PM PT
  • Email Acura


Contact Amazon for:

  • Tracking or delivery inquires
  • Concerns with the Key by Amazon App
  • Delivery issues
  • Amazon or Key by Amazon login issues


How do I contact Amazon?



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