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What does it mean when one or more indicators illuminate on my instrument panel?

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TitleWhat does it mean when one or more indicators illuminate on my instrument panel?

An unfamiliar indicator appearing on your instrument panel can be alarming to see while driving. When this happens, it is important to know what steps to take and the urgency of the indicator before having it inspected by an Acura dealer. A good first step, when it is safe to do so, is to look up the list of indicators and telltales in the Owner’s Guide (or Owner’s Manual) provided with your Acura and also available online.

Indicators light up or blink for a variety of reasons. Green indicators generally mean a system is operating (or is ready to do so). Yellow indicators can mean a system is not working correctly or there is a potential hazard. Red indicators generally mean there is a significant problem that needs to be addressed immediately. For example, if you see a green indicator for Adaptive Cruise Control or ECON mode appear, this means the system or feature is activated or set to ON.

Depending on your vehicle model and trim, a warning or information message will also appear near your instrument panel on either the information display, the multi-information display (i-MID), or the driver information interface (DII). Many times, this message will provide additional information or an explanation of the illuminated indicator.

The three main forms of indicators you may see on your display are:

On/Off Indicator: Reminds you when an item is on or off
Condition Indicator: May require you to perform an action
Malfunction Indicator: These are the most critical indicators. If they come on and stay lit while driving or at any other time, there may be a problem. See your Acura dealer, if necessary.

Please review the indicator symbols and their type by selecting your Owner’s Manual by year and model.



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