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What are brake pads?

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TitleWhat are brake pads?
Brake pads are a component of disc brake systems (vehicles are equipped with disc or drum brakes, or a combination of both). When pressure is applied to the disc brakes by pressing on the brake pedal, a piston (located inside a caliper) moves the brake pads so they can squeeze against the rotors (or discs), which creates friction to slow or stop the vehicle.

Maintaining your brake pads:

If your vehicle is equipped with a Maintenance Minder, please note that it will not detect when your brake pads are worn. This means that the system will not notify you when the brake pads need to be replaced. The only indication that it is time to service your brake pads will be an audible squeaking or squealing noise coming from the wheels when you apply your brakes. If this happens, we recommend visiting your local Acura dealership as soon as possible for service. If you continue to drive with worn brake pads, it will only cause them to wear further, reducing the stopping power of your brakes, potentially resulting in an unintended crash, as well as eventually causing damage to your rotors. This could result in requiring a rotor resurfacing or replacement. Avoid costly repairs by attending to your brake pads as soon as they need service.

Acura Genuine Brake Pads:

Acura Genuine Brake Pads are manufactured with ceramic particles instead of metallic particles that are used in non-OEM brands, contributing to stronger stopping power. This quality material also cleans the rotor of rust and contaminants, which can extend the useful life of your rotors. You can also enjoy the benefits of no break-in period. These parts are rigorously tested by Acura, giving you peace of mind that they will last, just like your Acura vehicle.

Servicing at an Acura dealership:

Getting your brakes serviced at your local Acura dealership has many benefits, including obtaining access to an Acura Genuine Replacement Parts warranty. Acura Genuine Replacement Parts purchased from an Acura dealership are covered for 1 year from the date of purchase. Acura dealerships also have Parts and Service personnel who are technically trained and have all the resources and tools to care for your Acura.

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