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How do I use Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™?

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TitleHow do I use Apple CarPlay®/Android Auto™?
In a vehicle equipped with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ integration, users have the ability to connect their compatible smartphones to their vehicle in order to access its applications from the vehicle’s display screen. Only iPhone5 or newer (iOS 8.4 or later) and Android 5.0 or newer (Lollipop or later) are compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™, respectively. Please note that if you are using an Android™ phone, you must first download the Android Auto™ app from the Google Play™ store.  

To determine if your vehicle is equipped with Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™ capabilities, please visit From the top of the page, click VEHICLE INFO and then click Vehicle Specs. Select your year and model and your vehicle trim. From there, scroll down to Audio & Connectivity. If Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™ are equipped features in your vehicle, they will be listed there.

Please be sure you are parked in a safe location before connecting your phone. To use these features, simply connect your phone to the USB port using a USB cable, and follow the prompts on your display screen to set it up. Not all USB ports in the vehicle will connect Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™. Please review your Owner’s Manual to determine which USB port should be used for your year and model.

When connected to Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™, you will not be able to use HandsFreeLink® to issue commands. However, you can use voice recognition to access Apple CarPlay® using Siri® or Android Auto™. Simply press and hold the talk button on your steering wheel to activate. You can also issue commands from your display screen.      

For more information about Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™, please see the Owner’s Guide


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