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How do I obtain a copy of the service manual for my vehicle?

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TitleHow do I obtain a copy of the service manual for my vehicle?

Service manuals typically exist as a technical resource for independent repair facilities, vehicle service technicians, and vehicle owners. Unlike owner’s manuals, which provide information about the function and safety features of your vehicle, service manuals provide technical information such as specific torque specifications, part numbers, and dimensions. These details are crucial to return parts and equipment to factory specifications.

American Honda recommends servicing your Honda or Acura vehicle at an authorized dealership. This will help to ensure that your vehicle is serviced by a knowledgeable technician trained to service and repair your specific model and year vehicle. This will have the added benefit of helping to ensure that all applicable warranties affecting your vehicle are applied for any given repair.

Service information may be accessed through ServiceExpress for Honda and Acura vehicles, from 1990 to current model years. Subscription fees are as follows:

                1 day - $10.00

                1 month - $50.00

                1 year - $350.00

Subscription fees are subject to change without notice.

If you’re not interested in accessing a service manual and would like to instead access your vehicle’s owner’s manual, please click here for Honda or here for Acura.

If you would like instructions on how request a printed copy of an owner’s manual, please click here for Honda and here for Acura.



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