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How can I update my navigation?

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TitleHow can I update my navigation?
Due to constant changes in infrastructure, HERE and Garmin produce yearly updates for your navigation system so that you have the most updated information available.

Navigation updates are formatted using a navigation DVD for all Acura models except NSX, which is updated via downloadable content. The year and model of your vehicle will determine the cost associated with the update.

DVD updates can be ordered at You can also access the website through the Acura Owner’s site if your vehicle with navigation is registered there. If you have an NSX, please visit the Garmin website. Downloadable content updates for the NSX are complimentary for the first 10 years of ownership.

The information you will need to order varies based on your vehicle model and year, but the most important information you will need is your vehicle model and year, VIN, device information, and/or version number. Both websites provide detailed instructions on how to obtain the required information for each vehicle.

If you would rather order and/or install the update through your Acura dealership, they can certainly assist you. You can locate a dealer here


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