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AcuraLink® Frequently Asked Questions

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TitleAcuraLink® Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AcuraLink®?

The AcuraLink® application and enrollment service will provide you with an abundance of free or subscription services to connect your vehicle to your phone. It is available to download from the Apple iTunes® and Google Play™ stores for most 2014 and newer Acura vehicles.

2. Is my vehicle compatible with the AcuraLink® app?

Compatibility will vary depending on the model and trim level of your Acura. To check your vehicle’s AcuraLink® compatibility, click here and enter your VIN or select your vehicle’s year and model from the dropdown lists.

3. What features are available with AcuraLink® for my vehicle?

Some of the basic features of AcuraLink® will include a service and maintenance schedule, a Bluetooth® phone-pairing guide for your vehicle, fuel and driving range details, a parking reminder feature, and more. Select 2014+ Acura owners have the option of purchasing upgraded packages, with capabilities like remote engine start, stolen vehicle locator, remote door lock/unlock, and more.

To view features and capabilities, click here and enter your VIN or select your year and model from the drop-down list.

4. How much does AcuraLink® cost?

To view AcuraLink® pricing, click here and enter your VIN or select your year and model from the dropdown lists. Pricing may vary depending on the package chosen.

5. How do I enroll in AcuraLink®?

To begin enrollment, you will need to download the application to your Apple® or Android™ mobile device and create an AcuraLink® account. Click here to sign in with your Acura ID and password to enroll in AcuraLink® services. If you don’t yet have an Acura ID, you can register to create one here.

If you’d still like to learn more about AcuraLink® features, compatibility and pricing, you can click here to enter the vehicle info you’d like to learn about.

6. How do I obtain, verify or update my PIN?

Contact AcuraLink® at (800)382-2238 (Option #5) to verify and/or reset your PIN.

7. Why am I unable to log into my AcuraLink® app?

Your email or password may be incorrect. Contact AcuraLink® at (800)382-2238 (Option #5) to verify your email. If the email and password are correct, please contact Acura’s In-Car Technology Support at (888)528-7876 to have your password reset.

8. Why am I unable to view my remote features on the application?

Check compatibility using your VIN by clicking here. If compatible, please contact Acura’s In-Car Technology Support at (888)528-7876 for further assistance.

9. Why is my dashboard information blank? [Applies to 2019 & newer RDX only]

If your dashboard information is blank, you’ll first want to make sure your phone is connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth®. When connected, make sure Vehicle Data Collection is enabled. For additional assistance on setting up either of these features, please see your vehicle’s Owner’s Guide. To see an electronic copy of the Owner’s Guide, please click here to select the appropriate year and model.

If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact Acura’s In-Car Technology Support at (888)528-7876 for further assistance.

10. Why is the recall notification still showing after I had the recall completed?

It may take up to 30 days after a recall is completed for the notification to disappear from the AcuraLink® app. If you have any further questions regarding recall completion, please contact Acura’s Customer Support & Campaign Center at (888)234-2138.

11. When does my subscription for AcuraLink® expire?

When you sign up for upgraded enrollment after purchasing your new Acura, you are given the option of a limited-time free trial period which begins on the vehicle’s original sale date. You can confirm your AcuraLink® subscription status and its expiration date directly on the AcuraLink® application.

12. Who can I speak to about my AcuraLink® subscription?

For assistance with enrollment, reimbursement, or cancellation, please contact AcuraLink® Subscription Services, available 24/7 at (800)382-2238 (Option #5). Owners can also press the LINK button in their vehicle (if equipped) to connect with the Subscription Services team.



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