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AcuraLink: Driver Feedback FAQ

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TitleAcuraLink: Driver Feedback FAQ

AcuraLink: Driver Feedback FAQ


What is the Driver Feedback Feature?

The Driver Feedback program is an additional feature within the AcuraLink app that provides insight into your driving behaviors and suggests ways to adopt better driving habits. As an added benefit, it may qualify you for insurance discounts.


Is my driving data being shared?

With your consent upon enrollment, your driving data is shared with Verisk Analytics to develop your driving score and behavioral analytics.


Who is Verisk?

Verisk is a third-party partner that provides services to the insurance industry. Verisk calculates and delivers the driving score and behavioral analytics from your driving data.


What information is being shared with Verisk?


Your first and last name, address, and the make, model, model year and vehicle identification number (VIN) for your participating vehicle, in addition to driving data from your vehicle that records time of day, vehicle speed, braking, and acceleration.



Which Acura vehicles are eligible for the Driver Feedback feature?

For the most up to date list, click here .


Do I need to be enrolled in an AcuraLink subscription?


Must be currently or previously enrolled in one of the following AcuraLink packages:

  • Security
  • Remote
  • Concierge


  • Connect
  • Premium

(Available during complimentary trial and paid packages. Packages may not apply to all models. Driver Feedback continues after subscription expiration, until you opt out.)


Is there a fee to participate in the Driver Feedback Feature?


No fee is required, but you must be currently or previously enrolled in a AcuraLink complimentary trial or paid subscription.


How do I enroll in the Driver Feedback Feature?

· Download the AcuraLink app and register. For existing users, just sign in.

· The Driver Feedback is Available banner may appear on the vehicle’s home dashboard on your AcuraLink app.

· Click on “Learn More” and follow the steps to opt-in to the feature.


I don’t see the Driver Feedback is Available banner, how else can I enroll?

  • On the My Vehicles page, tap the i next to the vehicle you wish to opt-in.

o Under “Manage”, select Driver Feedback.


How do I enroll to receive Discount Alerts?



Once you opt-in to use the Driver Feedback Feature, you are automatically enrolled to receive Discount Alerts.


How do I opt-out of the Driver Feedback Feature?


On the My Vehicles page, tap the i next to the vehicle you wish to opt-out.

o Under “Manage”, tap Driver Feedback.

o Tap “Driver Feedback”

o Tap “Deactivate”

Note: Deleting the AcuraLink app is not sufficient to stop information from being shared.


What is a trip score?


Trip scores provide feedback on the driving behaviors by displaying a rating system out of 5 stars.


Are all my trips scored?

Only trips that meet the minimum driving requirements of 5 minutes and 2 miles.

If minimum driving requirements are not met, the trip will be recorded, but a score will not be generated.


How is my trip score calculated?

Trip score is a measure of how a vehicle is driven by evaluating trip distance and duration, as well as braking, acceleration and speeding events.


When will my last trip details be available to view in the AcuraLink app?

The trip details will be available a few minutes after the next trip with at least 10 minutes of driving.

Model :

•2019 and newer RDX
•2021 TLX

In order for the program to work properly, ensure AcuraLink Data Collection settings is set to Allow in your vehicle by following the steps below.

Step 1 : On your vehicle center display home screen, place your finger on the true touchpad and swipe right get to the All Apps list

Step 2 : Select AcuraLink icon

Step 3 : Under AcuraLink menu, select Vehicle Data Collection

Step 4 : A message will display (see below), select Allow

User-added image


What information is available on the trip details?


The trip details provides a summary of the trip including:

  • Timeline of when each event occurred

· Map of trip: visual map of the start/end points and where each event occurred.


Can my trip scores be changed?


No, trip score ratings cannot be changed.

Your overall driving score is calculated on a rolling 15-weeks and is not materially influenced by one-time events or short-term trends.


Example: If you have to brake because someone cuts you off or your friend drove your car for a few days, it’s not likely to have an effect on your overall score.


What is a scorecard?


Provides a driving score that analyzes how a vehicle is being driven.

The driving score ranges from 0-100.


What is considered a good Driving Score?


Scores of 50 or higher.


How is the Driving Score calculated?

· The Driving Score is calculated with a proprietary algorithm created by Verisk Analytics that evaluates Speed Responsibility, Smooth Driving, Consistent Driving, Driving Time, and Time behind the Wheel.

· The Driving Score is based on a rolling 15-weeks of driving history.


Can I improve my Driving Score?


Yes, follow the Driving Tips located in your scorecard and try to make adjustments to your normal driving habits.


Who is the Driving Score assigned to?


The score is assigned to the registered driver. However, it is based on the cumulative driving data from all drivers of the participating vehicle.


When will I receive my first Driving Score?


You must have at least 20 miles a week (recorded with registered trip scores), for two weeks before you receive your first Driving Score.


Note: Driving Scores are uploaded on Tuesdays.


Does my Driving Score update?


Yes, Driving scores are updated every Tuesday, given you have driven at least 20 miles (recorded with registered trip scores) in the previous week.


Can my Driving Score be reset?


No, Driving Scores cannot be reset while opted-in to the program.



How do I receive Insurance Discounts?

Your Driving Score may qualify you to receive Insurance Discount quotes from third-party auto insurance companies.

If you are opted-in to the Discount Alert feature, you may receive discount alert notifications from third-party auto insurers that think your driving is better than average.


What information is being shared with the third-party auto insurance companies?


Insurance companies receive anonymized driving data and driving scores that are not associated with your personal information.


Where can I see if I received a Discount Alert?


Your discount alerts will appear in your AcuraLink app inbox.


I received a Discount Alert, what are my next steps?


· Click on “View Alert” where you will be asked to consent to share your personally identifiable information with the insurer.

· You will be re-directed to the Insurance provider’s page where you will fill out an auto insurance quote to see whether you qualify for a discount.

· The Insurance provider will follow up on the quote.


Why haven’t I received a Discount Alert?


Customers in eligible states may be notified when their Driving Score has qualified for an Insurance Discount Alert.


Is the Insurance Discount Alert available in all states?


To view eligible states, click here .


How do I stop receiving Discount Alerts?


On the My Vehicles page, tap the i next to the vehicle you wish to opt-in.

  • Under “Manage”, select Driver Feedback.

· You will have the option to opt out of Insurance Discount Alert or the entire Driver Feedback program.


Where do I go for more help or if I have an issue?

Contact AcuraLink for:

· Information on subscription requirements and model eligibility

· AcuraLink account or app questions

· Enrollment assistance in AcuraLink® programs

How do I contact AcuraLink?

Subscription Services – call 1-877-375-2638 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


What if I need further assistance using Acuralink?


· In-Car Technology Support – call (800) 385-2238 and select the option for AcuraLink.




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